• Since 1981 Roel Twijnstra directed almost 70 theater shows, following his internships with Peter Stein (Berlin) and Peter Brook (Avignion). The last years he works in South Africa and adapts African novels for the stage.

  • For most shows Roel Twijnstra directed, ┬áhe designed the set. He is designing for other directors and companies as well.

  • As a writer Roel Twijnstra wrote three books about dramaturgy and playwriting. They are compulsory on Dutch theater schools. Recently he published his first novel. Currently he is writing a book about theatre directing in SA.

Twistprojects South Africa

logo-transparent-southafrica Twist focuses on skills development of community theatre in South Africa and enables Dutch theatre groups and practitioners to exchange and co-produce with South African partners and festivals.
Twist Projects South Africa


  • Uncomfortable questions

    05 januari 2016

    Uncomfortable questions. She shines with the torch of her mobile behind her so I can see the steps from stone that go down the hill. She stops when the stones disappear under the rubbish. The shacks left and right are as close as possible to the steps creating a narrow and tight passage. Most of […]

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Intervieuw “Madonna of Excelsior” 2013.

Intervieuw “Madonna of Excelsior” 2013.



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