Lets do job creation Mr. Roel

30 maart 2014

Hi Mr. Roel
Ah…..You know, first of all tjo…
congratulations with your baby.
My name is Thembi
I studied for drama
I have a diploma
I did in an Arts Centre
only three weeks.
Basically now I have knowledge, big knowledge.
So how can I assist you?
You do job creation?
I do.
You know Mr Roel I can play a role in TWIST!
Or help with uhm… Directing…assistingggg.
You know…… work together.

I hear Emma is overseas
so I come to you.
I can give things to you.
You tell me, facebook, inbox, send.
You tell me and you will see.
I can do better, even than Emma.
I connect with Umlazi groups, Hillcrest groups’ even Jo’burg groups.
I know all the leaders, very very well
I speak the language
I know what they are
I was there
I am serious Mr. Roel

I have a diploma, I just want a job, period.
I say let’s do job creation
I am on time
not like black people.
You don’t understand
you need me more than I need you.

Don’t misunderstand Mr. Roel
I know you like black girls but….

I don’t want your zip
I am not talking sleeping.
If you want us to go that route
we can discuss that. Sometime.
Maybe tomorrow @ WIMPY?
…….you like KFC better?
I like Nandos… mild.

Agha……You don’t want me
why, because I am black?
Speak now Mr. Roel
Don’t be quiet.
I knew from the beginning.
You think you are better than us.
You are unfair Mr. Roel
you don’t know what you will miss with me.
In all levels.
I will open my own company
and prove you are wrong
do you have a diploma?
Now you are really quiet.