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Maja Bradaric

Maja Bradaric was produced by Stusio-Lef, a department of theatergroup Rotterdams LEF (Hal4) in 2005 in  Rotterdam(the Netherlands). It was based on the true story of the young girl Maja Bradaric who was killed and burned by her friends.
Studio Lef is an acting course for young acters, part of it is making a show with a professional director and writer.
Roel Twijnstra develloped the concept based on the court reports, and directed the show. Kees van Loenen wrote the script. It was preformed 4 times as a pilot in Hal4.  This pilot was the base of the succes production that Jolanda Spoel made in 2006 together with writer Kees van Loenen under the titel “Kwaad Bloed.”