What I do

Lectures and workshops

Currently Roel Twijnstra is the Head of School of the acting department of AFDA (Film and Television) Durban. He developed a new screen acting curriculum and publised recently a book ” Acting in South Africa. Skills and inspirations” . He lectures screen acting and does on masterclasses theatre directing, and work shopping. He lectured on theater schools in the Netherlands (Arnhem, Utrecht and Amsterdam) and abroad (Jakarta, Moscow, New York and Durban).  


As a writer Roel Twijnstra wrote three books about dramaturgy, playwriting and how to analyse a show. They are compulsory on Dutch theatre schools. Recently he published his first novel “Een Zulu op mijn bank. ” It was translated into English with the title  “Zulu crush.” Monthly he writes a column on his website www.roeltwijnstra.nl. At the moment writing “Theatre directing in South Africa “, publication juli 2014 will be launched on NAF on the 6th. of July.

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Twist projects South Africa.

TWIST projects  works in the field of Art & Development.  We build capacity in community theater groups.  We offer a two years programe for selected community theater groups in South-Africa. We do this in combination with established local theater institutes, theater festivals, theaterschools, theater companies, Arts & Herritage centers, local governement and donors.  Twist projects in South Africa (  http://www.twistprojects.co.za  ) works already succesfull for three years and  aims on a sustainable infrastructure for theatre in KwaZulu Natal and has its office in Durban. Its vision is to extend its programme to more Southern African countries. First programs stated in 2014 with Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi.


Theatre director

Since 1981 Roel Twijnstra directed almost 80 theatershows, following his internship with Peter Stein(Berlin), Viola Spolin(USA), Peter Brook(Avignion), Erik Vos and Lodewijk de Boer (The Netherlands). He is the founder of  Theatercompany “Het Waterhuis” that changed its name in 2009 in theatergroep Siberia. He worked international in Russia, USA, Marocco, Uganda and the last years in South Africa. He owns a theatre production company is South Africa under the name of THAMBO theatre producers.

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Set designer

For most shows Roel Twijnstra directed,  he also designed the set. The last years he is designing for other directors and companies as well.

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