A Nice meeting with “Top Dog.”

28 april 2013

Hey Mr. Roel !

How are you today ?

How are you doing Mr. Roel?

I always wanted to talk to you Mr. Roel,

I respect you,

alot very much actually you see.

The thing is Mr. Roel…

I am very good!

I want to work with you.

I always see you on facebook.

You always talk about TWIST that TWIST this

You know Mr. Roel,  TWIST opens doors

for the youth of Durban,

actually for everyone Mr Roel !

You see Mr. Roel I can do Indlamu…..

I mean iZulu dance

But I am not discovered yet,  not now anyway.

I need that person to push me, to believe  in me .

Mr. Roel : I am a ticket to lotto!

So when are we going to work together?

I mean you and me as theatre makers.

Hawu! Mr Roel wathula , im talking to you,

you very very quiet what’s wrong ?

Why are you so quiet Mr. Roel

You know what, to cut matters short.

I can go with you to Holland

No problem at all!

And another thing Mr Roel,

you not answering my request on facebook.

What’s wrong?

Wait Mr. Roel before you go .

I need some airtime.

5 Rand MTN…



That man is ignoring me!

Im talking to him nicely very friendly,

what’s wrong eish.

You see, you see !!

White people you talk to them very nicely,

they leave you standing alone like a dog

but you see this dog. I am a top dog I am a star.

I will see you overseas.

I dont need Mr Roel

Who is Mr. Roel anyway ?



nx voetsek!