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Heartbeat (Bjenije Siejertsa) Russia

Heartbeat was produced by Samart in 1994 in Samara(Wolga), Russia. The theater invited a smal Dutch team under supervision of Roel Twijnstra to make this show. The story is based on a vulcanoeruption in 1985 in Columbia, tons of mud came down the hills and covered villages. More that 25.000 people died. A photografer discoverd a small girl stuck in the mud only her head came out, it was Ohmayra Sanchez. He stayed with her till help would arrive. In that time she told him stories about het family, he promissed to remember them and tell them to others. She died, he never told the stories. In this show he finally does. Script and directing: Roel Twijnstra. production director :Henk Bothof. Literary editor/translator: Johan Spaans. acted by Olga Agapova, Alexandre Maroshev, Segei Zakhrov, Dimitry Dobriakov, Marina Korneva and Ljubov Dolguikh-Kowyrshina.
The show won the wolga theater price in 1995. It was presented in Holland in 1996 and in Germany in 1997.