Who am I

Artistic / innovative.

I work as a theatre director for theaters, festivals and and drama departments. You could have found my work also in unexpected places like an oases in the Maroccan desert,  Umlazi township, the center of J’burg where we performed for street kids, in a Russian state theater in Samara at the Wolga or in North Uganda performing for child soldiers. I am the founder of Twist projects. TWIST  focuses on development of community theatre groups in KZN. Since 2013 I am living in South Africa, lecturing at UKZN in Durban and Pietermaritzburg  and directing adaptations of African novels.
Together with my artistic partner Jerry Pooe we operate since 2014 as ” Executive Producers” under the name THAMBO THEATRE PRODUCERS.

Socially involved

In my work I try to be inventive, searching  dary and self expressive.  I like to disturb, upset and enlighten my audience, be course that opens ways for a better understanding of myself, others and the world around us. That is a start for change. Themes like xenophobia, child-abuse, trafficking and domestic violence are often a motive in my work. At the end I want to share hope with my audience.

International orientated.

I worked in USA, Russia, Indonesia, Nepal, Marocco and in other African countries like Uganda, Guinee, Benin and the last 15 years in South Africa.  The mission of Twist  is building capacity in local theaters, festivals, theaterschools  and community theatergroups and international exchange. I advise Dutch theatre groups who want to present their work or collaborate in South Africa and can act as Executive Producer.

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Wat doe ik