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The girls

Is a remake of ” The Aboke Girls” produced in 2001 in Uganda by the Dutch theatre company “Het Waterhuis”  Written by Moses Isigawa, Kees van Loenen and Marielle van Sauers. Triggered by the abduction of 200 school girls in Nigeria in april 2014. Wushwini arts centre asked director Roel Twijnstra to remake ” The girls of Aboke” which is a similar tragedy that happened in Uganda in 1996, 139 school girls were abducted from their boarding school in the north of Uganda by the rebel army LRA. Till today most of those girls never returned home.
“The girls” is played by: Buhle Nkomo, Segametsie Goabede and Philisiwe Twijnstra.

The show was played for schools in the Inanda dam area and presented on the INK festival 2014.
In 2015 the show was  presented at the NAF in Grahamstown in the Fringe festival on the 9th. 10th. and 11th. of July @ Masonic Front and won a standing ovation award 2015.